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About Tropicana Fish Bar Liverpool

We are of the firm belief that quality is that the only thing which goes a long way in making a restaurant a top contender in the city. It is because of the consistency that we maintain in the quality department for every dish that we make that we have gained enough fame in the city. The fact that we use only select ingredients and spices while making your dishes and that we have secret spice proportions for every dish on offer goes a long way in making us one of the top competitors in the city when it comes to serving Indian food. Now, you can enjoy the entire food journey right from your house, thanks to our home delivery arrangements. Just download our app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to get instant access to all the items of our menu. Order today and do not miss the awesome opportunity.

Tropicana Fish Bar Liverpool Restaurant

185 County Road, Walton Liverpool L4 5PBis the place in the city where we are currently situated. This place, just about at the central hub of the city, has immense advantages for itself. The greatest among them is the transportation which is of the flawless nature here. Add to that, a very smooth traffic situation, and coming here from most parts of the city becomes immensely easy. Yet, if you face any trouble while locating us, you can reach us on our app for instant GPS-based navigation support. So, why wait and miss all of the awesomeness? Visit us today.

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